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Privacy Policy

To serve people with best of our services, we has outlined few privacy policies to keep your personal information secured and sealed. These privacy policies includes-

• General information-

while ordering online we ask you to fill personal information like your name, mailing id, phone number etc. though the option of entering anonymously do stand there. We want you to provide information about gift recipients so that we can provide you with our best gifting services. We do use cookies so that you can get information about the traffic on to our website.

• What we do with the information provided by you-

We use your information as a mode of marketing communication. This way we make sure that our best services reaches to you immediately. Moreover your personal information is used for various contests, surveys or for promotional purposes. If you have selected the option of receiving e-mail newsletter then we will send you our periodic newsletter.

• How do we safe guard visitor's information?

Various security measures are taken to ensure complete safety to the consumers. Detail of your personal information is secured with secured networks where only few people are allowed to see it, only those people who have right to do so. Entire information is kept confidential. When you supply us with your details along with credit or debit card number, it is transmitted through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology and then it is used by the people who have access to do so.

• About cookies

Cookies are those tiny files which are loaded into your computer's drive by the web browser. This helps us in recognizing you. These cookies are used by us in processing the shopping list thus ensuring you improved services. You can make necessary arrangements into your computer to avoid these cookies.

• Risk of leaking your private information

We do not leak any personal information of any customer to outside sources. If we have to do it we make sure that it is done only after your prior consent. And to avail your consent we send you notice regarding it whereas non- personal information of the visitors can be provided for advertising and marketing.

• Links of third party

To provide you with best services we may add in third party links to our sites. These links have different and independent privacy policies.