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Terms and Condition

To serve consumers with best of our services we have outlined few terms and conditions which will help both the parties to effectively make their dealings. Undoubtedly these term and conditions will facilitate you as a buyer and at the same time will help us to serve the best services to you. Guideline to these term and services are-

• 100 % advance payment- We as a truly dedicated firm appreciate people who wish to make 100 % advance payment. This will help you in confirming your order on one hand and your shopping is successfully completed without any problem will make us certain that we did our job well. We accept advance payment so that we can serve the shopaholic with more benefits. Not-to-mention we do keep few discounts and offers for those aspiring customers who make advance payment.

• Prompt delivery- Once your order is confirmed we dispatch the ordered items at once.It takes approximately 48 hours for your product to be delivered at your door step. All necessary arrangements are made accordingly and the goods are dispatched within specified time. In addition, you can trace the location of your order well in advance.

• Vat as per product- Vat charges are applicable to all orders as listed by the government. These charges will be added on to your bill while preparing final bill. Your bill includes vat charges as well.

• Delivery time as per your convenience- with wholesale mart you enjoy multiple benefits but one of the best service which most of the people look forward is of selecting delivery time at your convenience or availability at the place. This helps you receive your products within the time slot marked by you. Now you need not worry about your shopping as to who will receive it in your absence. It will be delivered when you or any other attendant is there to receive the goods purchased.

• Fridge changes at per extra cost as chosen by the customer- Fridges are available in numerous sizes and you can easily modify it according to your requirements. Don't forget any changes in internal accessories will be charged as per the rates of the product. You can select any accessory which suits your fridge model, but there will be additional charges for this special choice.